The UA NSTP-CWTS will provide capability enchancement for civic welfare geared toward encouraging youth in improving their skills, knowledge and attitudes on various endeavor that will develop their interest in community service and be more responsive in attaining peace and other development.


The UA NSTP-CWTS envision to build-up valuable and effective members of National Service Reserve Corps who may serve as agent in attaining a better quality of life, and help sustain peace, cooperation and growth of the target communities.


To develop civic consciousness among the students particularly those that enhance their total well-being as agent in the pursuit of national development.

Specific Objectives

a. To inculcate among the students the ideals of patriotisms, nationalism and enhance their involvement in public and civic oriented activities.

b. To train the students in various fields of endeavor imbued with moral values that enhance their intellectual , physical, moral, spiritual and social well -being;

c. To produce service oriented and responsive students that will be help to the locality/community.